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Our History:  1919 - 1989
  1919 (OI) Louisville KY Organization Meeting (Buffalo, New York -1911 Special Note: Optimist International information shared by MC 1920 (OI) First Edition published of Optimist Magazine October, 1920 1921 (DOC) Organized - Friday the 13th day of May, 1921. Dr. Hartloff and thirteen men met at the Vendome Hotel  and organized the Evansville Optimist club. 1922 (OI August, 1922 first official emblem approved --  a moon-faced cheery chap and the four-word motto: a sun in its center and the words "Friendship,  Sociability, Loyalty, Reciprocity" around its border 1923 (OI & DOC) "Friend of Youth" today -- was originally adopted as "Friend of the Delinquent Boy", then "Friend of the Boy" and our involvement with Youth on a regular basis began. The original slogan was proposed by our club's member, Dr. Charles Hartloff. 1924 (Ol) First Canadian Club chartered February 26,1924 1924 (OI) First Junior Optimist dub chartered, today includes ALPHA and OCTAGON  CLUBS 1925 (DOC) Camping Program either Optimists, Boy Scouts, YMCA Kids and Camp Big Oak (8/28/32}   1928 (OI) First Annual Oratorical Contest conducted   1930 (DOC) May 30 - Our First Annual Memorial Day Grave Visitation began.     1932 (DOC)   Optimist Help Salvation Army with Kettle Duty in the Downtown   1936 (OI) Life Membership in Optimist International started. 1946 (DOC) Assisted in the Campaign that today is known as the Santa Clothes Club, Founding organizers: Meyer Siegel, Dick Anderson, Eddie Edwards, Don Menke, Sam Medlicott.  According to a December 1955 Evansville Press mentioned the Santa Clothes Club as a YMCA-WEOA project of former years;  and now a combined WEOA-WEHT-YMCA promotion, see Santa Clothes Club Committee 1947 (DOC) June 1,1947 Articles of Incorporation filed in county recorder's office 1953 (DOC) March 18,1953 chartered the Evansville West Side Club   1954 (DOC) April 1954 chartered the Posey County Club   1955 (DOC) March 1955 chartered the Evansville Breakfast Club   1956 (DOC) April 7,1956 chartered the Evansville East Side Club   1957 (DOC) March 21 1957 chartered the Twilight Club  1957 (OI) First Annual Youth Appreciation Event 1957 (OI) Since the late 1950's Bicycle Safety Week has remained a popular program, Today, it's known as Safety on Wheels and included; rollerblades, skateboards, and school buses 1958 (OI) Student Aid and Counseling Service, Inc. Downtown Optimist Scholarship Offered   1959 (DOC) June 1959 chartered the Petersburg Breakfast  Club   1965 (OI) First Annual Respect for Law in July 1965    1966 (OI) Project RSVP --  Register, Study, Vote, Participate 1971 (DOC)      May 3,1971 chartered the Santa Claus Optimist Club   1971 (OI) Optimist International Foundation began and the First Tri-Star Basketball Program began as well. 1977 (OI) Adopted current Optimist International logo with the letters O and I in a free standing form, replacing the "Rising Sun" emblem used for many decades, replacing an inverted diamond with a similar design, which replaced the moon faced cheery man. 1978 (OI) Help Them Hear includes Communications Contest 1978 (OI) First Annual Optimist Junior World Golf Tournament 1979 (DOC) First Printing of " Bish Says; For The Last Time" forward by Bob Flynn 1983 (OI) First Annual Essay Contest 1983 (DOC) April 6, 1983 Foundation By-Laws adopted with a beginning balance of approximately $4200.00 1983 (DOC) First printing of "Increase Your Shelf Life through Good Health Habits" written by several club members. 1984 (OI) Endorsed Just Say No and CHICKEN (Cool, Honest, Intelligent, Clear-headed, Keen, Energetic and Not interested in drugs) with a Chicken mascot named "Mr. Resister" grown today to include: Get Real, D.A.R.E. and other substance abuse prevention programs. 1989 (DOC)    Scholars on Nine sponsor of a local high school quiz show team 1989 (DOC) Mt. Vernon Optimist Club formed 1989  (DOC) First Annual Gordon "Bish" Thompson Memorial Award      
OI = Optimist International DOC = Evansville Downtown Optimist Club
2nd and 4th Wednesdays - 11:45 am